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Samsung Galaxy S4 i9507 Teardown & Repair Tutorial

The GT-i9507 is the new kid on the block in the Samsung Galaxy S4 family. Its currently being rolled out in Australia & Hong Kong and the main new feature seems to be faster 4G Plus coverage otherwise known LTE+, CAT 4, & 4G Advanced.

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Galaxy S4 I9507 Repair & Screen Repair Video

Galaxy S4 I9507 Teardown & Disassembly

Simply pop off the rear battery cover and the battery with your fingers.
From the exterior we see that both the i9507 and i9505 share the same footprint. No surprises here. Rear cover & battery are also the same units used in the i9505.

Galaxy S4 I9507 Product

Removing the rear battery cover we see the 9 small #00 phillip heads screws holding down the mid-frame & loudspeaker. Remove these 9 screws. Use a spudger or case opening tool prying the mid frame from the screen frame slowly working the tool around the screen before the mid frame easily pops off as the clips release. Surprisingly the mid frame is the same as the i9505, meaning i9505 / i9507 housings are interchangeable.

Galaxy S4 I9507 Housing & Mid Frame next to the I9505

At this point we can see the components of the logic board, flex cables, and charger port board. We recommend you watch our teardown video above at this point as it becomes more complicated. You need to remove the headphone jack screw and the only motherboard screw (remember the motherboard screw is black).

Galaxy S4 I9507 stripped down to the motherboard

Pop the charger port connector bracket off with a flat head screwdriver and remove the antenna connector on the charger port board. Then on the other side of the charger port board remove the home button connector.

removing the charger port

At this point we can release the connector for the charger port board from the logic board itself. The charger port flex has a light adhesive sticking it down to the screen frame, gradually lift the flex with your fingers starting at the logic board end until the entire charger port board is removed. The charger port board is also identical to the i9505 unit, in fact the part even says i9505 on it!

We need to remove the four remaining connectors from the logic board in order to be able to remove it from the screen frame. As shown in the video remove the LCD connector, the headphone jack connector, the ear speaker connector, and the front camera connector. Do not bother removing the antenna connector, rear camera or sim card reader unless you are replacing them.

removing the motherboard connectors inc. LCD connector

From here we can simply lift up the logic board from the screen frame.

the logic board removed from the screen frame

Now we need to remove the final small parts from the screen frame if we are performing a i9505 / i9507 screen replacement. You canremove the earspeaker / front camera bracket, headphone jack, front camera, earspeaker, and vibrator motor by either hand or a flat head screwdriver as they’re lightly stuck down by adhesive. In most cases the ear speaker and vibrator motor will need gentle persuasion with a screwdriver in order to remove.

 Screen with small parts still installed

Finished! We now have a fully stripped i9507 screen with frame remaining. If you are doing a screen repair now replace the screen and follow this guide in reverse starting off by placing the small parts back into your replacement screen!

 Screen with small parts removed

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