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Google Pixel Repairs Perth

Google Pixels are sleek, sophisticated and run without any bloatware found on some other manufacturer’s phones. They’re also sophisticated pieces of equipment that can be damaged easily. At Phone Ninja, we can handle almost any necessary Google Pixel Repair, from charger port to screen replacement to battery problems. Many repairs only take an hour or so. If you’ve got a problem with your phone including needing a Pixel screen replacement, call us today to get things sorted or drop into our stores in Perth. Some repairs can be fixed in 1-hour or so. Of course, the conditions listed above are only a few of the problems you might experience with your Google phone. Whatever the problem is, Phone Ninja can help – SIM card issues, failed speakers, charger port issues, inoperable microphones and more are easily repaired with the right components and an expert technician.

Having Your Google Pixel Repaired

When you need Google Pixel repairs, don’t wait Call Phone Ninja today or drop into our stores in Perth

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Google Phone Repairs Repair Price List
All prices include parts, labour and GST Price
Pixel 5 Repair Prices
Pixel 4a Repair Prices
Pixel 4 XL Repair Prices
Pixel 4 Repair Prices
Pixel 3a Repair Prices
Pixel 3a XL Repair Prices
Pixel 3 Repair Prices
Pixel 3 XL Repair Prices
Pixel 2 Repair Prices
Pixel 2 XL Repair Prices
Pixel Repair Prices
Pixel XL Repair Prices
Nexus 6P Repair Prices
Nexus 6 Repair Prices
Nexus 5X Repair Prices
Nexus 5 Repair Prices
Nexus 4 Repair Price
Nexus 7 Replacement Screen ( Version 1 ASUS )
Nexus 7 Replacement Screen ( Version 2 / 2013 )
Google Phone Liquid Ingression Repair $RING

Google Phone Touch Screen Problems

Google phones feature touch screen capabilities, like most other modern smartphones. The problem is that touch screens can suffer from a variety of problems due to physical damage. Whether you’ve dropped your phone and the screen has cracked or been smashed completely, Phone Ninja can help.

Google Phone Screen Replacement

Google phone screens can be easily damaged – it only takes a minor drop to crack your screen. Once that damage occurs, there’s usually little that can be done other than replacing your entire LCD screen, and in the case of fused screens the touch screen adhered to the glass as well. Phone Ninja has the components and the expertise to help. Contact us today for Google phone screen replacement.

Google Phone Battery Solutions

One of the most common problems with any type of smartphone involves the battery. Whether your battery isn’t holding a charge, isn’t charging at all or is experiencing another type of problem, let Phone Ninja help. We can usually offer on the spot battery replacements and swaps, to get you up and running immediately.

Water Damage to Google Phones

Water and electronics don’t mix, and no matter what those self-help guides promise, chances are good that a DIY fix isn’t going to solve your problem. Phone Ninja has the components, experience and knowledge necessary to tackle Google phone water damage and restore your phone quickly and easily.