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LG Phone Repairs Perth

LG’s line of smartphones might not be as popular as some other offerings, but they’re high-tech pieces of equipment that offer a lot of utility, as well as some serious good looks. Of course, “high-tech” engineering also means “easily damaged” and when you need LG phone repairs, Phone Ninja can help. we are the experts for LG phone repairs in Perth, WA.

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Nexus 4 Optimus Series
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LG Phone Repairs Repair Price List
All prices include parts, labour and GST Price
G2 Repair Prices
Optimus G Screen ( E975K )
Optimus L9 Screen ( P760 / P768 )
Optimus L7 Glass Screen ( P700 P705 )
– Glass Screen + LCD
Optimus 2X Digitiser ( P990 Star )
– Digitiser + LCD
Optimus Black Glass Screen ( P970 )
– Glass Screen + LCD
Optimus 3D Touch Screen ( P920 )
– Touch Screen + LCD
– Logic Board
LG Water Damage Repair $RING

LG Touch Screen Problems

Like most other smartphones on the market, LG phones rely on a touch screen overlay on the underlying LCD Panel. That touch screen can be easily damaged – scratches are common, but even a small drop or a jarring impact can break the screen, meaning you’ll need a touch screen replacement or in the case of a fused screen both the full screen replaced. Phone Ninja can replace your touch screen and LCD easily; often on the spot.

LG Screen Replacement

Your LG phone’s screen might seem strong and sturdy, but the truth is it can be easily damaged. Even a short fall can smash your screen, and the only way to repair that is to replace it. Phone Ninja stocks a variety of LG phone screens and we can often offer replacement on the spot. Call us or come in today for LG phone screen replacement in Perth, WA.

LG Battery Problems and Solutions

Without a reliable battery, your LG phone is more of a nuisance than a vital communication tool. Battery problems range from not holding a charge to overheating and failing to charge at all, and all of them are frustrating.

LG Phone Water Damage

Water can cause serious damage to the internal components of your LG phone. Even minor contact with water can be catastrophic. Rather than trusting your future to a self-help guide’s empty promises, contact an expert for LG phone repair. Water damage doesn’t have to spell the end of your phone. Phone Ninja can help.

Other LG Phone Problems

While the most common problems experienced by LG phone owners are listed above, that list is by no means complete. There are plenty of other issues that can arise, from charger port issues, headphone jack, SIM card reading problems to failed circuit boards and more. Phone Ninja is here to help whatever your problem might be.