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Mobile Phone Data Recovery & Backup

Need data recovered from your Mobile Phone? Then you have come to the right place. We offer data retrieval for the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia, and much, much more. We can recover data from cell phones with no display, broken touch screen, liquid damage, and even not turning on devices. Using specialized software we can even restore previously deleted data that you may think is gone.

Whether you need pictures, videos, notes, contacts, messages or any other data, chances are that we can probably recover it for you. So bring down your mobile phone to any of our stores and we’ll assess it for you to determine the best way to recover your data. Our turnaround is quick and we will endeavour to recover your data as painlessly as possible. So want the data off your water damaged iPhone or Android Device? Is your Mobile Phone not turning on, but you need media of your loved ones? Accidently deleted some important data and want us to recover it? Then contact or call Phone Ninja today for any data recovery service you may need.

We cannot recovery data from phones if the passcode is unknown including if you don’t know your iCloud/Google lock password, or if the device is in recovery or disabled mode.

Galaxy J5 Repairs

We know a thing or two about Samsung Galaxy J5 repairs, having repaired over 30,000 devices from our shops across the Perth Metro area. While it’s true that most commonly we offer Galaxy J5 screen replacements, we can also fix many other components. We use only the best quality parts with a look and feel comparable to that of a new device, so you can be assured of a repair that is more professional than the average “not quite right” fix.  Oh & we also offer data recovery too.

We are the repairer more people trust. Most of our repairs are done on-the-spot while you wait, including some of our Galaxy J5 screen repairs. Despite the high quality of our repairs, we also offer the most affordable prices, in fact find a cheaper price in Perth and we’ll match it! So contact us, book an appointment online, or drop down to any of our stores for a repair today!

Galaxy J7 Repairs

Whether you need a Samsung Galaxy J7 repair or screen replacement, we are your best choice. We have completed over 30,000 repairs since opening in 2009, so you’re in good hands. We ensure that all our Galaxy J7 screen repairs will have the same look and feel as when new. This is because we use only the best spare parts in the market that other less experienced repairers don’t use due to cost cutting measures. We also offer J7 Pro repairs as well.

Our stores are right across the Perth metro area so we are easy to access. Our commitment to professional repairs means we will have your Galaxy J7 fixed right the first time. We also won’t wipe your data so you’ll keep your media, messages, notes and more and we offer a full warranty on parts & labour. So whether you have a J7 or J7 Pro come down to any of our stores or contact us today for a no-hassle repair. We even take online bookings!

Sony Xperia XZ2 Repairs

For all your Xperia XZ2 Repairs, trust Phone Ninja. We have repaired over 30,000 devices across our multiple stores in Perth. While Xperia XZ2 screen replacements are our most common repair, (we all fix Xperia XZ2 Compact as well) we also fix many other issues including smashed rear glass, draining batteries, broken cameras, distorted speakers and much more. All our stores stock parts that have the same look and feel as the original, and we offer a full parts & labour warranty on all our repairs.

Smashed your screen? Broken your glass panel? We can help! Touch Screen no longer functions? Then get down to one of our Phone Ninja stores today. All our stores are situated outside shopping centres, so parking is free and easy. We won’t let you down, our trained technicians will fix your Xperia XZ2 often while you wait and we have over 30 years combined experience. We also offer Xperia XZ2 Compact Repairs as well! Drop into of our stores today or contact us or book an appointment online.

Surface Pro 6 Repairs

Having fixed over 30,000 devices, we know a thing or two about Surface Pro 6 Repairs (otherwise known as the Surface Pro 2018 edition). No matter where you’re located in the Perth metro area we have a store close by. While Surface Pro 6 screen replacements are our most common repair, we can also fix many other issues like software problems.

Of course you are backed by our Perth price-beat guarantee, as well as a full parts & labour warranty. We use only the highest-quality parts available in the market that have the same look and feel as the original item, so you won’t have to worry about an “almost good” repair. Our stores are also situated outside shopping centre complexes, so there is plenty of free parking directly outside all our stores. We have the experience, and know-how to bring your Surface Pro 6 back to life and look like new again, so contact Phone Ninja today or visit any of our stores!

Galaxy A8 Repairs

For all your Galaxy A8 repair needs (otherwise known as the 2018 version or A530), you’ll need to get in touch with Phone Ninja. We offer a number of repairs from our stores across the Perth metro area, including A8 screen replacements. We also can replace rear glass, batteries, cameras and even offer data-recovery services. Having repaired over 30,000 devices since opening in 2009, we know a thing or two about repairs.

We use only the highest quality parts available in the market that have the same feel, and look as the original item. For all our Galaxy A8 repairs, we also thoroughly test all phones before and after repair to make sure everything is good to save you hassles down the track. Smashed your Galaxy A8 screen? Broken just the glass screen? Then get down to a Phone Ninja store today. Our trained technicians will fix your Galaxy a8 like new, often while you wait! Contact us or book an appointment online now.

Galaxy Note 9 Repairs

We are the Galaxy Note 9 repair specialists. We use only the highest quality parts that have the same look, feel, and workings as the original device including our Note 9 screen replacements. We have stores right across Perth, and many of our repairs are even offered while you wait. We also offer our price-beat guarantee, find a cheaper price in Perth and we’ll beat it! Thankfully, unlike other repairers you should keep your data, so you’ll escape the hassle of restoring your contacts and photos.

We understand that breaking your beautiful Note 9 is quite upsetting and therefore we’ll do our best to make the experience as painless as possible. While the most common Note 9 problems we encounter are screen repairs including glass-only replacements, we also can fix many other issues like charging ports, rear glass, cameras, batteries, and more. Oh, and we also offer data recovery too! Contact us today for a quote, to set up an appointment, or simply drop to any of our stores in the Perth Metro area!

Surface Pro 5th Gen Repairs

For all your Surface Pro 5 repair needs, the team at Phone Ninja have you covered. Released in 2017, the 5th Gen is easily recognised by the model number “1796” under the kick stand. If you have an older version of the Surface Pro, then please follow the link. Of course we offer repairs from our multiple stores across Perth, including Surface Pro 5 screen replacements & much more.

Cracked your Surface Pro 5 screen? Then Phone Ninja is the brand more people trust. Having been in business since 2009, we have served more than 30,000 happy customers. Our technicians are both skilled and experienced, but importantly we use only the highest-quality parts we can source. Worried about losing your data? You won’t with Phone Ninja. Worried about not getting the best price? You can be assured with our Perth price-beat guarantee. So for all your Surface Pro 2017 repair needs (5th gen), come down to any of our stores or contact us today.

Google Pixel 2 XL Repairs

The big brother of the Google range is here! The Pixel 2 XL is a fantastic phone, but of course there are still problems with the device that keep us busy. Thankfully, whether you need a Pixel 2 XL screen replacement or any other repair we have you covered. While we make sure all our Pixel 2 XL repairs are affordable, what truly set us apart from the rest is that we thoroughly test all devices making sure that everything works properly after repair & that your device is fixed right, the first time!

Another reason that our customers trust us is because of our experience, having been in the business since 2009 and having helped out 30,000 customers! We often can even fix your Pixel 2 XL on the spot from our stores right across Perth, including screen replacements. Think you’ve found someone who will repair your device in Perth for cheaper? Then we’ll match their price! So Contact Us now to set up an appointment, or simply come in to one of our stores for all your Pixel 2 XL repair needs!

Google Pixel 2 Repairs

We know a thing or two about Google Pixel 2 repairs, having repaired Google devices since the early Nexus releases. Cracked your Pixel 2 Screen? Then you’re in good hands as they are by far our most common repair, mainly because they are fragile and the device is easy to drop. We of course fix many other issues including the rear glass, charger port, batteries and of course much more. We have stores right across Perth so we are never too far away, and our prices are affordable and backed by our Perth price-beat guarantee!

Many of our Pixel 2 repairs are done while you wait including screen replacements, so you never have to wait long. Having served over 30,000 customers since 2009 we have not only the experience, but since we use only the highest-quality parts available you are also guaranteed a professional repair. So when it comes time to choose your Pixel 2 repairer, choose the Perth business more people trust. Contact Phone Ninja today!

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