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Google Pixel 4 Repairs

Established in 2009, Phone Ninja know a thing or two about fixing Pixel 4 devices. Maybe you’ve smashed your Pixel 4 screen or need another repair like a rear glass replacement then they can help. With stores right across Perth, Phone Ninja are never too far away and many of their repairs are offered while you wait. So if you want only the best and most professional repair then choose Phone Ninja for your next service, and if you were looking for a Pixel 4 XL, or Pixel 4a repair then please follow the links. [pages coming soon]

While Pixel 4 screen replacements are their most popular repair they also offer battery replacements, rear glass, charging port replacements, speaker replacements and many other repairs. They are the brand more people in Perth trust having repaired over 50,000 devices, and even offer a price guarantee, find a cheaper price in Perth and they’ll beat it! All their repairs even have the same feel, and looks as the original units as they use only the highest quality parts available in the market. So when you need a Pixel 4 repair, choose Phone Ninja they won’t let you down!

iPhone 12 Pro Repairs

Dropped your iPhone 12 Pro? The highly experienced technicians at Phone can assist you with whatever iPhone 12 Pro repair needs you have. At Phone Ninja they offer iPhone 12 Pro screen replacements as well as battery replacements, rear glass replacement, charging port repairs, camera repairs and much more!  With multiple store locations, Perth’s most affordable prices and often while-you-wait repairs, there is no good reason not to choose Phone Ninja. This page is for the iPhone 12 Pro, but if you are after the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12 Mini [pages coming soon] please follow the links.

Think you’ve found someone cheaper in Perth? Then they will beat their price! Phone Ninja know phone repairs because their technicians have years of experience, but they also offer genuine personal service as well.  So Contact them now, setup an appointment, or simply come into one of their north or south of the river stores for a professional iPhone 12 Pro repair.

iPad 8th Gen Repairs 2020

If you are after an iPad 8th Gen repair in Perth (otherwise known as the iPad 10.2” 2020), then look no further than the team at Phone Ninja.  They offer not just iPad 8th gen screen replacements but even can replace just the glass & touch screen for a much cheaper price since the device still uses separate glass and LCD display screen. Of course they also offer many other repairs than just iPad 8th Gen glass repairs including LCD display replacements, battery replacements and much more! Please note the iPad 8th Gen 2020 has been sold well into 2021 as well.

When you choose Phone Ninja you are assured of their commitment to a quality service, something they have strived for since they opened in 2009. They can even often fix your device same-day, and they only use the highest quality parts that have the same look as the original. Their Perth price-match guarantee means you won’t pay too much, after all if you find a cheaper price then they’ll beat it! With stores right across Perth you have no excuses to not have your iPad 10.2” 2020 fixed fast the right way, so contact them today.

Galaxy S21 Repairs

The Galaxy S21 Repairs at Phone Ninja are fixed right the first time, often on-the-spot! They have repaired over 50,000 devices and have been in business for over 10 years meaning whether you need a Samsung Galaxy S21 screen replacement or any other repair it will be sorted. In addition to screen replacements, they also offer battery repairs, charging port boards, back cover, front and rear cameras, ear speaker replacements, and much, much more. This page is for the Galaxy S21 G991, but they also fix the S21 Plus G996 and S21 Ultra G998 as well. (pages coming soon)

At Phone Ninja all their Galaxy S21 screen replacements & repairs are the same quality as original because they are committed to only offering the best repairs possible. They have the best prices in Perth giving you that peace of mind otherwise they will beat the Perth competitor. All of their repairs come with a full 3 month parts and labour warranty, and they have stores right across Perth so drop down or contact them today for your Galaxy S21 repair.

Galaxy Note 20 Repairs

Smashed the screen on your Note 20?  Then Phone Ninja can help! Need another Note 20 Repair like a battery replacement? Then no problems. Phone Ninja has completed over 50,000 repairs since opening in 2009 so they know a thing or two. Note 20 screen replacement can often be performed while-you-wait, but they also offer many other repairs including rear glass replacement, camera repairs, battery replacement, earspeakers and mic replacements, and much, much more. This page is for the Note 20 4G N980 and 5G N981, if you are after the Note 20 Ultra N986 please follow the link [page coming soon]

Phone Ninja are never too far away from you with stores right across Perth and on all their repairs they offer a full warranty for both parts and labour. All Note 20 repairs are performed in store, and they are not located in difficult to find kiosks and parking spots inside shopping centres meaning you can park right outside their front door. So whatever your problem Phone Ninja can help, contact them today or drop down to one of their stores.

iPhone 12 Repairs

More customers trust Phone Ninja for their iPhone 12 repair needs than any other Perth store. They have repaired over 50,000 devices since 2009, a record they are very proud of. Phone Ninja’s commitment to quality means they only use the highest-quality iPhone 12 parts available, and many repairs they can fix whilst you wait. You are backed by their Perth price-beat guarantee, find a cheaper in the city and they will beat it! So if you need an iPhone 12 screen replacement or any other repair, then contact Phone Ninja today!

Phone Ninja treat your device like it was their own. Every possible care is taken with your device. While iPhone 12 screen repairs keep them busy they also offer a range of other repairs including battery replacements, rear glass replacement, charging port repairs, microphone and speaker issue repairs, and more. They have multiple stores right across the Perth Metro area, and all their staff are friendly, experienced and ready to help you out. So get your next repair done at Phone Ninja, you won’t regret it!

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Repairs

Phone Ninja know a thing or two about Note 10 Plus repairs. Whether you have the normal N975 model or the 5G N976 many of which parts are shared, as they are with the Note 10 Pro. Phone Ninja can often fix your problem while you wait. They also offer affordable prices, in fact find a cheaper price in Perth and they’ll match it! So want your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus back like new? Then contact Phone Ninja today and we’ll have your phone back in no time at all! If you are looking for the normal Note 10 N970 then follow the link.

While Phone Ninja offer many repairs their most popular are Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen replacements. If your OLED display and touch panel are working 100% then they can even offer a cheaper price in exchange for your screen effectively meaning you’ll only have to pay for the glass repair. Thankfully both the 4G N975 and the 5G N976 use the same screen! They are also experienced in other repairs having helped over 50,000 customers and with stores right across Perth so they are always close-by. So whether you need a screen, new battery, rear glass replacement, charging port, speaker, or any repair contact Phone Ninja today!

Galaxy Note 10 Repairs

Phone Ninja have been offering Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Repairs since the phone was released. They fix all Note 10 problems, but they specialize in glass only screen replacements in addition to full screen replacements many of which include the screen frame so your phone looks fixed like it was new. Of course they also repair many other issues including battery problems, cameras, headphone jacks, liquid damage, as well as other services like data recovery. If you are looking for a Note 10 Plus N975 or 5G N976 repair then follow link, otherwise stay on this page for all Note 10 N970 Repairs.

Phone Ninja  have repaired more than 50,000 devices with stores right across Perth. Some repairs including Note 10 screen replacements can be fixed in 1-hour or so, meaning you never have to wait too long. All their stores are situated street-side, so they have plenty of free parking right in front of their stores. Also you don’t have to bother with the hassle of finding them in busy shopping centres. So get down to one of the Phone Ninja stores to have your Note 10 screen replaced or any other repair!

Galaxy S20 Ultra Repairs

Phone Ninja offer a wide range of Galaxy S20 Ultra repairs often while-you-wait. These repairs include Galaxy S20 Ultra screen replacements, battery replacements, rear glass replacement, charging port replacements, speaker and microphones, and much more. Having served over 50,000 happy customers in the Perth metro area, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands. If you were looking for normal S20 Repairs or S20 Plus Repairs please follow the links.

In addition to Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Replacements where we can replace the full screen including the AMOLED display and the touch panel, we also offer a cheaper price if your display and touch panel still work 100% effectively charging you just for the glass replacement. No matter which repair you need all are backed by our Perth price-beat guarantee, find a cheaper price and they’ll beat it! Worried about losing your data? Then relax, Phone Ninja won’t delete your data, and in 99.9% of cases your data is retained after the repair. So get into a Phone Ninja store today and have your S20 Ultra repaired fast.

Galaxy S20 Plus Repairs

Galaxy S20 Plus repairs are one of the common devices the team at Phone Ninja repair.  So when tragedy strikes & you are in need of a repair pronto be sure to contact them. Since 2009 they have fixed over 50,000 devices in Perth so they know a thing or two. Galaxy S20 plus glass replacements are offered where they replace your full screen at a discounted price, and of course they offer full screen replacements which include the AMOLED display as well as the touch panel. All their screens come with a replacement screen frame so your device will look like new.  Some S20 Plus repairs can even be performed in an hour or two so you’ll have your phone back as good as new in a jiffy. If you are after a normal S20 G980 /G981 Repair or a S20 Ultra G988 Repair then follow the links.

Phone Ninja have stores right across Perth, so they are never too far away. They also fix many other S20 Plus problems like battery replacements, charging ports, speakers, microphones and of course the rear glass whether you have the standard S20 Plus G985 or the 5G version the G986. Their repairs are backed by a Perth price-beat guarantee, find a cheaper price and they’ll beat it. So for all your Galaxy S20 Plus repairs, come down to any of our stores today, or contact us online.

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