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Screen Buy Back Program

Sometimes after repairing a device yourself you can end up with a left over screen that is still good with the only problem being smashed glass. Since sometimes these screens can be expensive new it’s a shame to throw it like a ninja star into the nearest bin. We can recycle these screens and are willing to pay for them! Check out our list of supported models below and get some of that hard earned money back reducing the overall cost of your repair.

In order for screens to qualify for recycling, they need to display picture perfectly so the LCD must be good and the touch still needs to be responding. Partially working screens won’t be accepted. Recycling screens is also great for the environment in fact with our partnership with Mobile Muster we can recycle any mobile or screen you have. So what are you waiting for, bring down or post in your screen now for cash.

Cash Offered for Smashed Glass Screens

Samsung Galaxy S4 $N/A
Samsung Galaxy S3 $N/A
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini $N/A
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 $N/A
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $N/A
For other prices please call or email us
Our Screen Buy Back Offer