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Screen Refusing Specialists

Your smartphone is a complex device with an incredible number of components. This is true of your display as well –multiple components go into making a smartphone display. This includes the glass, the touch interface and the LCD itself. Most Screens these days are fused, however thanks to a process called refusing we can seperate the glass from the screen, while on other models we can replace glass and touch as one piece saving you alot of money. Yeap this literally means we can repair your individual screen.

Glass Refusing and Touch Refusing

Glass replacements involves only replacing the glass itself requiring that your smartphone’s touch and LCD are functional. Touch Screen Refusing follows a similar process except the glass and touch screen are combined as one piece. Often only the glass/touch is broken as it sits on the ouside of the screen and takes the initial impact of any drop. Phone Ninja can offer glass replacement & touch replacement for many modern smartphones – visit the relevant pages to learn more. For this repair the picture (LCD) must be working without issue.

Full Screen & LCD Replacements

Full screen replacements are needed for fused screens if the LCD is damaged. This applies if your screen’s picture is not functioning correctly in anyway. In this case you’ll need to replace the entire assembly (glass, touch sensor and LCD). In some cases like the iPad the LCD is seperate but this is rare in modern smart phone manufacturing. Phone Ninja offers the best rates in Perth, and our pricing guarantee means that we won’t be beaten by competitors, either. Contact us today or come down to our stores in Perth, WA for a consultation.

Glass Refusing Specialists