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High Quality Screens

If your smartphone or tablet screen has been cracked or completely broken, a replacement is in order. However, it’s vital that you work with a reputable company like Phone Ninja to ensure that you have access to high quality components. We use the highest-quality parts available, unlike our competitors who use cheap, B-grade alternatives. Here are some of the pitfalls of low quality, cheap refusing services.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • High quality parts are of similar quality to those that came with your device from the factory. Aftermarket screens use the same LCD and touch sensor, but do not use the same quality glass.
  • High quality glass for many smartphones and tablets is Gorilla Glass, which is scratch and breakage resistant, while being smooth to the touch. Aftermarket glass is called ‘safety glass’ and feels drier to the touch, while being more susceptible to scratches and breakage.
  • High quality screens are free from defects like dust and markings. Low quality Aftermarket glass from other repairers can have marks, bubbles and event dust trapped between the glass and the LCD
  • High quality glass comes with clear plastic camera and sensor holders to fit your device, while aftermarket screens do not.
  • High quality screens have no glue residue on them at all, while low quality aftermarket screens from other suppliers often have residue on the underside of the screen from the refusing process.
  • With High Quality screens, the plastic frame / rubber dust proofing fits with no gaps, and is fixed in place securely. Low quality Aftermarket screens from other suppliers are often rough to the touch, and usually have gaps between the frame, rubber and the glass.
  • Low quality Aftermarket glass from other repairers often have other problems, particularly with white coloured devices – the white on the glass usually doesn’t match the colour of the device.

Why Choose Phone Ninja for Screen Refusing?

Low quality service centres often rush refusing services meaning the glue does not cure properly leaving a nasty residue seeping out of the phone. They also do not complete the process in a dust-free environment and therefore leave dust in between the glass and LCD panels.

High Quality Screen Replacements & Parts