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7 features the team at Phone Ninja want from this year’s iPhone 7

  1. Ditching the lightning charger port, and moving to the standard USB port so we don’t need to bring our charging cables to our friend’s houses!
  2. Water proofing because being able to take selfies whilst on water slides is a must have feature!
  3.  Wireless charging! Plain and simple…
  4.  a new iPhone 7 SE model for those of us don’t have giant-like hands.
  5.  a new iPhone 7 + for those us who DO have giant-like hands.
  6.  More storage! A Micro-SD memory slot & the death of the 16GB models. Seriously! 16GB is not enough in this day and age!
  7. A slimmer, sleeker, lighter, all glass design

Rumours so far state that the iPhone 7 will launch in September, 2016 with IOS 10. Now let’s wait and see what Apple can come up with!

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