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Phone Ninja is happy to provide the highest quality service to our customers in need of a mobile phone, or device repair in Perth. Often, we can provide on the spot repairs, but in order to guarantee that we can repair your phone while you wait, you’ll need to reserve a time slot using our simple online booking system. You only need to provide us with some basic information and choose the time that fits your schedule best. Once we confirm your appointment, we can often perform the repair while you wait. So don’t waste any extra time – when you need professional phone repairs, book ahead of time at Phone Ninja!

*Special: $10 off when Booking an Appointment Online. For this special, total repair cost must be at least $100 or over for each device.

Tips To Booking your Appointment at Phone Ninja (Plus $10 off the retail price of each repair)

Step 1.

Please fill in the form below or email us for a quote.

Your Name :

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Device Type & Model:

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Step 2.

Wait for one of our friendly technicians to confirm your booking & quote via email or on the phone.

Step 3.

Turn up to your appointment on time. If you are any later than 5 minutes we will move onto the next customer in the queue, which may or may not be you. If you are early that’s fine, but we may not be able to move onto your phone/device until your allotted appointment time.

Step 4.

Enjoy your professionally repaired mobile phone or device.

Booking Policy Terms & Conditions

While all care will be given to complete your repair on-the-spot, in some cases unforeseen circumstances may pop up which will require you to leave your phone in the shop for longer or will mean we cannot complete the repair.

Please ensure you are on time for your appointment as it will only be held for 5 mins, at which point we will move onto the next walk-in customer in the Queue which may or may not be you. Lateness due to traffic won’t be excused unless you contact us and inform of us how late you will be.  If you are early that’s fine, but we may not be able to move onto your phone/device until your allotted appointment time

We have the Right to refuse any booking including but not limited to repairs considered difficult in nature that are not suitable to be repaired on-the-spot, difficulty sourcing parts, busy, low-staffed periods and holidays.