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Our half Ninja, half phone repair techs have been waiting with a zen-like patience. At Phone Ninja we offer the best phone repair service in in Perth Western Australia including an iPhone repair service that is second to none. All this is backed by our friendly and swift services and cheapest prices guaranteed. So whether you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Samsung, or any other mobile; we have you covered. So drop down to our shop for more info or call on (08) 9457 4985.


Phone Ninja wishes everyone a Happy Easter


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MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Repairs


We are offering both glass and LCD replacements for our MacBook Pro repair service and Full Screen replacements for our MacBook Air repair service. Best of all unlike our competitors we offer prices upfront on our website so you know where you stand before spending your money on a quote fee like other repairers.


We are Looking for a Experienced Technician


Yeap that’s right we are once again looking for an experienced Mobile Phone Technician. For more information please check out our Job Application page please however do not call as the staff are not involved in the hiring process.


iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S Repairs Now Available


iPhone 5S & 5C Services at The Ninja

We have now created two new pages for our iPhone 5S repair service and our iPhone 5C repairs. Click the link to the go to the relevant pages for these services, of course we also repair the iPhone 5.


Now Accepting EFTPOS & Credit Card Payments


EFTPOS & Credit Card Payments Now Accepted


Samsung Galaxy S4 Repairs – Glass Screen Only Fixes


The team at Phone Ninja have done it again, offering Galaxy S4 glass screen repairs. To be eligible your I9507 / i9505 touch & LCD must be working, and only the glass can be smashed. Of course if you have also smashed the LCD then we have the option of replacing the entire LCD screen assembly with frame. Please note however we have an extremely limited stock of Galaxy S4 screens, so get in quick!


Google LG Nexus 4 Repairs – Screen Refusing Now Available


We have added LG Nexus 4 screens to our constantly expanding list of screens we can refuse. This basically means if you have smashed your Nexus 4 E960 touch / glass screen, then we now offer you a cheaper repair.. Of course if you have destroyed the LCD (the part that displays the picture) then we can replace the entire screen assembly.


Galaxy Note & iPhone 5 Repair – Touch & Glass Refusing Now Available


The team at Phone Ninja have done it again! Not happy with just refusing Galaxy S3 & S3 4G screens we are now offering replacement touch screens for iPhone 5, and replacement glass screens for all Galaxy Notes including Note 1, Note 2, and Note 2 4G at a fraction of the cost of the full screen! So what’s all the fuss about? Well in the past these screens were considered one piece because the touch / glass is fused to the LCD panel meaning any damage to the glass or touch would mean the whole screen would need to be replaced. With the new method we can now replace just the glass in the case of Samsung screens or the touch screen in the case of the iPhone 5 saving you big. Check the relevant pages for pricing info & more details.



Galaxy S3 i9300 Repairs – Glass Replacement


We can now replace just the glass screen on your Galaxy S3 i9300 or even S3 4G i9305 all professionally repaired a new frame! This is great for those who have a working screen but have smashed the glass lens as in the past this required a whole new screen to be installed. In addition we do the job right in a dust free environment which eliminates specs and dust particles that are all too common with non-fused screens. We also replace the frame / bezel which is the part around the screen as this is often damaged by customers when the phone is dropped.



iPhone Fix Services


We fix more iPhone 3G, 3Gs, and 4G than any other mobile. Some common iPhone problems you may experience include a cracked touch screen, a broken LCD, issues with a battery, water related damage, or recovery from a software problem. On top of these fixes we also specialize in iPod repair including the iTouch, and also offer a iPad repair service making us possibly the most versatile Apple repairer in Perth West Australia.



Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair


Phone liquid damage is one of the most difficult tasks a cell phone repairer must approach. Sadly most approach liquid ingression repairs on the cheap using run of the mill isopropyl alcohol baths that do little to shift the corrosion, yet alone deal with the corroded solder points that require reflowing. With all Phone Ninja’s water ingression fixes we use a state-of-art Ultrasonic cleaner with varying grades of proprietary cleaners to match the degree of corrosion present. Please note for our water damage service we charge a $40 upfront quote fee payable cash, eftpos, credit card, or direct bank desposit. This fee is only charged on liquid ingression repairs and is put towards any repair charges.


Have Your Phone Unlocked Here


Our phone unlock service is available for those on Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, 3, AT&T, T-Mobile, Virgin, & Orange among others on a variety of mobiles including Nokia, Apple, Panasonic, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, and of course many more. This service allows you to use a sim card on a mobile locked to another carrier. We also offer a iPhone jailbreak service which gives our customers the ability to run uncertified Apple apps as well as opening the door to unlocking Apple’s mobile. Our jailbreaking service is also available for the iPod Touch and the iPad as well.


Samsung Galaxy S4 released in Australia on April 23 with only Quad cores


Samsung are rushing the Galaxy S4 to market skimping out on the Australian i9500 version by using the quad-core 1.9 GHz Snapdragon Series 600 processor by Qualcomm rather than the octa-core (8-core) Samsung Exynos. Samsung will launch the phone on April 23rd, thankfully with 4G LTE coverage as standard.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair experts

So the question is whether it’s a good idea to grab the phone straight away or wait for the faster 8-core version? No matter what your decision as soon as the Galaxy S4 repair parts become available, Phone Ninja will be your one-stop shop for all your Galaxy S4 fixes.


We’re now on Google+ …


Yeap we guessed not only are we on Facebook & Twitter, Phone Ninja now even has a Google + page. So for news, information, events, and specials jump onto our Ninja Google+ page by clicking on the sidebar link on the left



Cell Phone Repair


At The Ninja our specialities include covert operations, espionage, and repairing your mobile phone. We fix all the major brands including the Galaxy S, N8, N97, HTC HD, Desire, Xperia X10, and plenty of others. Common repairs we encounter are similar to iPhone problems and include digitizer replacement, LCD replacement, water damage removal, as well as sourcing & supplying batteries for all cells.

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Yeap We’re On Facebook


We have integrated our site with the popular social networking tool Facebook as everyone is on Facebook these days. We are quick to realize however that Facebook should not be confused with Salesbook. So instead of those droning sales pitches, we endeavour to bring you news, exclusive articles, and events. To join click the like bar in sidebar to your left.


Twitter News Feed


We have also integrated our website with Twitter in order to provide an up-to-date real time news feed for all those things happening in the world of Phone Repairs & Unlocking. Click the follow us on Twitter link in the sidebar to the left to head to our exclusive news feed.

we offer a phone fix for you no matter what mobile you have.


iPhone 4S Unlocking coming soon to Phone Ninja – Unlock your iPhone 4s


iPhone 4S unlocks will still be available thanks the official Gevey Team. Please note in order to unlock you must keep your iPhone 4s at IOS 5.0 or IOS 5.01 so be careful not to update on iTunes.


iPhone 4 Unlock Method – GEVEY Ultra


To date iPhone 4 users have been left in the dark with no options to unlock their iPhone. Our GEVEY Ultra package unlocks all iPhone 4 models to date including those who are on the previously unlockable 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, & 4.10.1 basebands. Put simply the Gevey is a SIM-Card holder that hardware unlocks the iPhone. The new Ultra edition supersedes the original Gevey as the Ultra no longer requires assistance everytime the iPhone drops out of coverage. As a jailbreak is also required firmwares up to 4.33 are no issue whatsoever but IOS 4.34 & 4.35 are either a tethered jailbreak, or in some cases can be rolled back to an earlier IOS for a full jailbreak.


iPhone IOS 4.34 Tethered Jailbreak Released


RedSnow 0.9.8.b3 allows Apple’s IOS 4.34 & 4.35 firmware to be jailbroken. Unfortunately at the moment the release is tethered only which means if your iPhone runs out of power you need to reboot with Redsnow. Please note an untethered jailbreakable solution for IOS 4.33 and lower is available so if you want to unlock, don’t update.