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Samsung Repairs Perth

Cracked your Samsung Screen? Is your Samsung phone urgently in need of a repair? At Phone Ninja we are widely considered as Perth’s best Samsung repair service. Having repaired over 60,000 devices since 2009, we feel confident to handle the repair of your Samsung device with nothing but professionalism; often while-you-wait, saving you both time & hassle! Our experienced technicians fix a wide variety of issues including screen replacements, glass replacements, battery issues, charger ports, and much, much more. In addition, our service is fast & friendly, and you’re backed by our Perth WA price-beat guarantee, so we won’t be beaten on any Galaxy S repair prices! To save you the hassle we only source the highest quality Samsung parts available in the market. So whatever your issue, Phone Ninja is the brand more people trust. So drop into any of our conveniently located Perth stores, or call for a quote today!
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Samsung Repairs Repair Price List

All prices include parts, labour and GST Price
Galaxy S23 Ultra Repair Prices
Galaxy S23 Plus Repair Prices
Galaxy S23 Repair Prices
Galaxy S22 Ultra Repair Prices
Galaxy S22 Plus Repair Prices
Galaxy S22 Repair Prices
Galaxy S21 Ultra Repair Prices (G998)
Galaxy S21 Plus Repair Prices (G996)
Galaxy S21 Repair Prices (G991)
Galaxy S20 Ultra Repair Prices (G988)
Galaxy S20 Plus Repair Prices (G985 / G986)
Galaxy S20 Repair Prices (G981 / G980)
Galaxy S10 Plus Repair Prices (SM-G975)
Galaxy S10 Repair Prices (SM-G973 & G977)
Galaxy S10e Repair Prices (SM-G970)
Galaxy S9 Plus Repair Prices (SM-G965)
Galaxy S9 Repair Prices (SM-G960)
Galaxy S8 Plus Repair Prices (SM-G955)
Galaxy S8 Repair Prices (SM-G950)
Galaxy S7 Edge Repair Prices (SM-G935)
Galaxy S7 Repair Prices (SM-G930)
Galaxy S6 Edge Repair Prices (SM-G925)
Galaxy S6 Repair Prices (SM-G920)
Galaxy S5 Repair Prices (SM-G900)
Galaxy S4 Repair Prices (GT-I9505 / I9506 / I9505 / I9500)
Galaxy S3 Repair Prices (GT-I9300 / I9305)
Galaxy S5 Mini Screen (G800)
Galaxy S4 Mini Screen w/ Frame (i9195 / i9197 / i9195T)
Galaxy S3 Mini Screen ( i8190 )
Galaxy A8 Screen Repairs
Galaxy A7 Screen Replacement (A700)
Galaxy A5 A500 Screen Replaced
Galaxy A5 A520 Screen Replaced
Galaxy A3 Screen Replacement
Galaxy Nexus Glass Only ( GT-i9250 **)
–Touch + LCD with Frame
– Sim Card Reader
Galaxy Mega Screen (i9205)
Galaxy NotePro 12.2″ Screen (P900/ P905)
Galaxy Note 10.1″ Repair Prices (GT-N8000/10 / P600/5)
Galaxy Note 8.0″ Screen (N5100 / N5110)
Galaxy Tab S Repair Prices (T800 / T700)
Galaxy Tab 4 Repair Prices (T530 / T331)
Galaxy Tab 3 Repair Prices (GT- P5200/10 / T310 / T210)
Galaxy Tab 2 Repair Prices (GT- P5100/10 / P3100)
Galaxy Tab 1 Repair Prices (GT- P7500/10 / P1000 / P6200 / P6800 / P7310 )
Samsung Water Damage Repairs $RING
 ** screen traded in for a replacement unit

Samsung Glass Screen Replacements

Current Samsung smartphones utilize a screen technology called Super-AMOLED. With this design, a glass panel is fused to a one-piece Touch & LCD unit. Sometimes when the glass screen broke, the whole screen would have to be replaced, however thanks to a process called refusing we can now replace just your smashed glass saving you money.

Samsung Touch Screen Issues

Early Samsung smart phones used touch screen’s separate from the LCD. Sadly, in modern Samsung devices a screen replacement is often required because Super-AMOLED screens integrate the digitizer and the LCD (the glass is separate however, see above) into one unit. For models that have a separate touch, the issue can easily be diagnosed by a cracked or splintered touch screen or by the digitizer not responding.

Samsung Screen Replacement

The other repair we perform a lot is replacing the entire Screen, including the LCD which is the component that displays the picture. Symptoms may include a white screen, no display, dull display (backlight issues), and a patchy display. Why bother with long warranty repair times, when you can have your Phone repaired by the brand more Perth people trust, Phone Ninja!

Samsung Batteries

Samsung devices with battery problems often don’t hold a charge for very long, sometimes won’t turn on, fail to charge, and even turn off once removed from the charger. We stock many Samsung Galaxy batteries, as well as many other models, so drop down to any of our conveniently-located stores, or contact us for more information.

Samsung Water Damage

One of toughest jobs’ a Samsung repair centre will encounter is a water-damaged phones. Either way it’s a good idea to clean the phone up with a towel or paper, turn it off, remove the battery if possible, and bring the phone in for inspection at a reputable repairer ASAP. Make sure you don’t charge the device!

Other Samsung Phone Repairs

While the above issues do account for the vast majority of work we perform; there are still other problems we fix. These issues include mobiles with charger port problems, SIM card reading issues, bad menu and home buttons, ear speakers or microphones not functioning, and software issues. Whatever the problem, we have the experience and expertise to fix your device fast, so drop into any of our stores or call us today!


Samsung is the second largest producer of mobile phones on the face of the planet, and ranks incredibly, as the 19th largest company in the world. Having forged a strong relationship with Google  and their Android operating system, Samsung have now positioned themselves as leaders in the smart phone industry.