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Lumia Repair Perth

If you’re after a Nokia or Microsoft Lumia mobile repair centre in Perth WA then you have come to the right place. At Phone Ninja we are experts in stealth tactics, espionage, and fixing your phone. Our aim is to deliver the best Lumia service in Perth WA with our knowledgeable and fast service. We’ll also beat our Perth competitor’s prices on any Lumia fix; so what have you got to lose? So whether you’re after a Lumia repair, or any other repairs for that matter drop drop down or contact us.

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Lumia Repairs Repair Price List
All prices include parts, labour and GST Price
Lumia 1520 Repair Prices
Lumia 1320 Screen Repair Prices
Lumia 1020 Repair Prices
Lumia 950 Repair Prices
Lumia 930 Repair Prices
Lumia 925 Repair Prices
Lumia 920 Repair Prices
Lumia 900 Repairs – Touch + LCD ( Windows Phone 7.5 Mango )
– Battery Installed
Lumia 820 Repair Prices (Call For Availability)
Lumia 720 Screen – Touch + LCD While Stocks Last
Lumia 710 Touch Screen **
– Touch Screen + LCD
Lumia 650 Screen While Stocks Last
Lumia 625 Touch Only While Stocks Last
– Touch + LCD While Stocks Last
Lumia 620 Touch Only **
– Touch + LCD
Nokia Liquid Ingression Repair
 ** screen traded in for a replacement unit

Lumia Glass Replacement

We are first in Perth to offer Glass Screen Repairs for Lumia devices. This is a process that on modern fused screens allows us to separate the glass or the touch screen from the rest of the screen. This helps save money as replacing the whole screen is generally more expensive.

Lumia LCD Replacement

The LCD is the part of your screen that displays the picture. A Nokia broken screen is therefore common, symptoms include the mobile displaying a white screen, a black screen, or a dull picture. Thankfully the job of LCD replacement is often easy for any professional Lumia repair centre, though on some modern smart phones it requires replacing the entire screen.

Lumia Touch Screen Replacement

Digitizers otherwise known as touch panels are enemies of those with butter fingers often proving the weakest link when dropped. Luckily the symptoms are easy to see as the glass will be smashed sometimes leaving the touch screen no longer responding. If only the glass is smashed then we might be able to replace just this part, however this is dependent upon the model.

Lumia Battery Replacement

Lumia Batteries can range from easy to extremely tricky to replace. This is determined by whether the battery is external, internal, or even soldered to the mainboard. Faulty batteries are generally quick to drain lasting only a few hours. In some bad cases as soon as the phone is pulled off the charger it will instantly switch off. Other recognizable signs include e not turning on, not charging, and black screens can also be related; but can also point to another Lumia issue.

Lumia Water Damage

A broken Nokia especially one with liquid ingression can often be difficult to diagnose so you need a professional Nokia service centre to handle your repair. With water damage it is imperative that you act quickly, turning off the cell, removing the battery if possible, and drying out the mobile phone as soon as possible. At this point it is wise to bring your phone to a qualified technician to strip it down, clean the internal components, and ensure as little damage as possible is done. The most common component to fail during water damage is the LCD but this is one job that even a Ninja must quote first.

Other Lumia Repairs

There are too many other problems that can strike down your mobile phone at any time. Some however include not turning on, charging port issues, dead ear or loud speakers or microphones, not reading the SIM card, sticky or non-functioning keypads, freezing and locking issues just to name a few. For information on a Lumia error like the ones above please drop down or contact us.


Whether you have a cracked your screen, requite a battery replacement or have a phone that freezes our Phone Ninjas have been brushing up on their skills just to help you. So come down or contact us if you want a repair.

Nokia was established in 1871 and in its humble beginnings manufactured paper in Finland. Now however they have grown to be the largest cellular phone company in the world controlling 30% of the market by the end of 2010. While unquestionably the market leader in business and low-cost mobile phones they have come under scrutiny in recent times over their inability to compete in the smart phone market.

This is mostly due to their E & N-series smart phones which have a reputation for their clunky Symbian operating system and Nokia OVI suite software. However in 2011 an agreement was reached with Microsoft over the use of the Windows Phone 7 operating system which resulted in the Lumia series. This will no doubt restore some faith in the company’s battle with Apple’s mobiles and Google’s Android based phones.