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iPhone 5 Repair Services in Perth

iPhone 5 Repairs

We have the experience, expertise, & parts needed to bring your iPhone 5 back to life. We offer iPhone 5 screen replacements for just $89, often while-you-wait, sourcing only the highest-quality parts available at all our Perth stores. While iPhone 5 screen replacements are the most common repairs we perform, other problems can also creep up from battery replacements to charger port repairs. Thankfully our mobile repair Ninjas have you covered, having repaired over 30,000 devices since 2009!

Sick of using your iPhone 5 with broken glass? Our stores are located across Perth, Western Australia, so we’re never too far away. We offer our price beat guarantee, find a cheaper price in Perth WA & we’ll beat it on all repairs, so we’re one of the most affordable services as well.

So whatever iPhone 5 repair you need, Phone Ninja has the answer. If a professional, and on-the-spot service sounds good, then drop down to any of our stores in Perth West Australia for more information.

Important Note

iPhone 5 Screen Replacements $89
iPhone 5 Battery Repair $99

  • On The Spot

  • Perth Price Beat

  • 3 Months

iPhone 5 Repairs Price List
 All prices include parts, labour and GST Price
Full Screen Assembly $89
Battery Replacements
Lightning Charger Connector Repair
Headphone Port Replaced
Microphone Replacement
On / Off Power Button with Volume / Mute Flex Cable
Home Button Issues Repaired
Earpiece Speaker Replacement
Ringer / Loud Speaker Fixed
WiFi Antenna Replaced
Front Camera
Proximity, Light & Noise Canceling Microphone Flex Cable
Rear Camera
Reception Antenna Issues
Bluetooth Antenna
Vibrator Assembly
Sim Card Reader (ONBOARD)
Audio IC Chip (ONBOARD)
Battery Connector (ONBOARD)
Liquid Ingression Repair

iPhone 5 Screen Repairs from our Perth stores

iPhone 5 Touch Screen Replacement

The iPhone 5 has a fused screen meaning the touch screen is secured to the LCD. Most other repairers use a method which allows them to separate the assembly and then refuse the digitizer (touch) & LCD back together. Thankfully we don’t have to do this as our trusted suppliers provide high quality pre-fused screens at very affordable prices, meaning you’ll get a more professional finish than those who have to refurbish screens. These repairs are often done on the spot, so what are you waiting for?

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Taken your iPhone 5 for a swim? Dropped it in the sink while shaving? Don’t worry you’re not the only one! Fortunately, we have experience with liquid ingression, and have invested in a state of the art ultrasonic cleaner in order to bring your mobile back from the dead. Here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of a successful water damage repair on your iPhone 5:

Turn the device off immediately; using the device until it stops working is a bad idea. DO NOT charge a water damaged device!

Thoroughly wipe down the mobile with a towel.

Drop down to a repair shop like ours to have the internal components ultrasonically cleaned.

Sadly, you cannot remove the battery on an iPhone 5. Because of this, the electricity can create corrosion and quickly eat away at the circuitry of the phone! So when it comes to water damage, don’t delay, get down to our store as soon as you can!

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 repairs are best left to the experts, this is especially true for battery related issues. A draining battery, not turning on, difficulty charging, or turning off randomly can all be issues that sometimes are battery related. Because of this you need troubleshooting by a professional to determine whether the battery is at fault, or another component is causing the issue. Thankfully batteries are easy to replace, so drop down to our store for a diagnosis and replacement.

iPhone 5 Software & IOS Repair

At Phone Ninja we repair everything from iTunes recovery loops, IOS error codes, to removing forgotten passwords. Software issues causing freezing at the Apple logo are also common and are easily fixed by one of our technicians. Whatever your software-related solution, we have the solution to your problem!

Other iPhone 5 Services & Repairs

We fix almost all issues with the iPhone 5 including microphone problems, power & volume button issues, and home button replacements which are usually required when the home button becomes intermittent or stops working completely. iPhone 5 charging issues are also a big problem, but thankfully in most cases only require replacing the charger port flex. For more information, look below in the pricing section.

Apple iPhone 5 Specifications

Apple’s first 4G LTE mobile, the iPhone 5, launched in Australia on September 21, 2012, less than a year after the 4S had hit the market. The mobile’s main selling point was an increase in screen size from 3.5-inch to 4-inch; a size Apple considered just right when compared to the Galaxy S3 and its comparatively massive 4.7-inch display. The other big selling point was the 4G LTE coverage with data network speeds reaching in some parts over 20 Mbps; over five times the speed of 4S’s 3G capabilities. Processing speeds were also boosted thanks to the Apple A6 processor, but sadly many were critical of the new Lightning data charger connector, a move that made old Apple docking stations and cables obsolete.

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